Case Study by Kieron

Kieron is a 15 year old boy who lives at home with his mom, dad and 3 younger brothers. Kieron would spend time away from the home with his friend’s but then when he returned home his mom would have bruises on her face and his younger brothers would always seem very scared and hid in their room. The family were suspected to be victims of Domestic Violence, but no professionals were involved at the time due to mom not giving consent for support services previously.

I knew things were not good at home but I didn’t know what exactly. Dad would hit my mum but I didn’t know if it was wrong all the time and so I didn’t really tell anyone. I tried to google what was normal but everything was so confusing and I couldn’t find anything exactly like my life. I love my dad and everyone said he was great but I didn’t like that he would hit my mom or scare my younger brothers. One day I was at home when dad started to hit mom and I tried to protect her. Dad then started to hit me really hard and my mom got so scared that she rang the police.

Outcome One

The police came to the house and then took dad away. I was sad but also scared about what he would do if he stayed. The police also told my school who all worked together to help my family. We lived in refuge for a while as it was dad’s house on the papers and not mom’s but the refuge was really great and now we live in a house.  Now the school know they have also helped me and mom and even though I was scared people at school would find out about my situation the school have ensure that none of the other kids know.  They also made it so that I have mentor to talk things through when I want. Now I can go to the Hub if I am upset. I still visit my dad.  I still love my dad.  I talk to my friends on Discord about it and I have one friend in school who has the same experience.

Outcome Two

Once my mom told the police things changed drastically but for the better. Mom is no longer sad or worried, but dad did have to move out of our house whilst he has some support around his anger. I don’t get to see my dad as much now, but I am happier that me, my brothers, and my mom are safe and happy. School was informed and it has been really nice to have someone speak to me. We have a social worker that helps all of our family and it’s still hard at times, but we are all trying to make positive choices so that hopefully we can be a happy family again soon.

What I would say to any young person living in a home with domestic abuse is:

Even if you love your parents with all your heart, it is not okay for them to hurt you. Sometimes even adults struggle with their emotions and help is always available, just reach out.