Case Study


Corey’s Mom and dad both loved him dearly but when his dad got a new girlfriend Corey was made to feel like he was unloved and a bad person. Click to see how Corey’s teacher helped him to find his voice.


Derren thought if he let his ‘friends’ hurt him that the bullying would stop. Click to see how Derren’s football coach helped him to realise this is not okay.


Joanne was very worried about her dad’s drinking and home situation and confided in her friend about this. Click to see how this affected both Joanne and her friend.


Kieron’s family were experiencing domestic abuse at home; Kieron loved his Dad but to keep them safe his mom had to ask for help from the police. Click to see how this was for Kieron’s family.


Josh thought he had moved into a safe place but soon discovered that he was being exploited there. Click to see how Josh’s social worker supported him with this.


Hannah was happy that mom had found a new partner but did not like that he would come into her room at night. There were two outcomes that have happened in similar situations- please click to see more.