Not Okay At Home

Who NOAH is for?

Not Okay At Home (NOAH) is aimed toward children who know or feel that something isn’t okay at home. There is no age restriction however, it is designed for children in secondary school. Parents can use NOAH with children to discuss who they can go to when worried. NOAH can also be used by teachers during PHSE subjects around appropriate adults or where a child can go for support if concerned.

Refuge Centre

Explore a refuge centre and gain a better understanding of the facilities and services available. This is based on one of the refuges at The Haven Wolverhampton.

Play Game

Click here for an interactive game to recognise some things that are Not Okay At Home. This game will provide you with advice and guidance of who you could tell your worries about home to, and what they would then do with that information.

Case Studies

Click here to read real-life experiences of some of the children we have supported who have asked us for help. Each case study highlights a key professional or safe adult’s response to the child asking for help.

Over 15,000 children are exposed to domestic abuse every year in England

NOAH is designed to give children knowledge and understanding of what steps can be taken to have their voice heard.

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